Northumberland Festival of the Arts looking for short stories from your life

Who among us doesn’t love a story? And doesn’t every one of us believe that we have a story to tell? For adults and children alike, stories can cast spells: they have the power to enchant and transfix us.

The Northumberland Festival of the Arts’ “Community Stories Project” offers us a simple way to tell these stories or, if we prefer, simply enjoy reading them. All online, all from the comfort of home.

 On NFOTA’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms, you’ll find a variety of gems, all posted by individuals, often accompanied by beautiful local photographs.

The Festival is inviting submissions. Gwynn Scheltema, chair of NFOTA, says: “You need not be an experienced writer. We’re looking for very short stories from your life, from your heart, from your imagination. Stories that delight, excite, inform or move us in some way.”

Every week, a new set of simple prompts is posted on NFOTA’s social media pages.  Examples include: “I am inspired by…” “I feel connected when…”  “I am moved by…” “I find beauty in…” 

By inviting everyone to participate either as storytellers or readers, the Northumberland Festival of the Arts offers all residents of Northumberland, and anyone with an interest in the county, yet another way to expand our region’s active and ever-thriving creative community.

The Northumberland Festival of the Arts is a not-for-profit organization that celebrates the creativity in the county by bringing together artists and community in online events and an innovative live festival to be held in fall 2022.

To learn more about NFOTA’s programs, including the Community Stories Project, please visit:, our social media pages, or email:

For more information, please contact Gwynn Scheltema at:

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