Saturday, June 5 – 8 am to 2 pm

Drop off bottles & cans at the barn of Randy Bird Equine, 5200 White Road North, Harwood

The fundraising is for funds for projects at the Harwood Waterfront Dock.

Next week, two beautiful linden trees will be planted at the dock, which is the most recent project of the Friends of the Harwood Waterfront. They worked with Hamilton Township to have the Pavilion constructed. Lights for the Pavilion will be installed very soon.

The Friends of the Harwood Dock, all volunteers, coordinate and work together to improve and enhance the Rice Lake shore at Harwood.  

There are three public properties – the main Dock and two parkettes on Lakeshore Road namely: Stoney Pier Parkette & Lakeshore Lookout. 

A message from the Friends of the Harwood Waterfront




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