First fundraising campaign from June 1st – June 30th

CanadaHelps holding the Great Canadian Giving Challenge — every $1 donated to Grief Stories entered into a random $20,000 draw 

Grief Stories, a local web resource aimed at helping those experiencing grief, has been granted registered charity status by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Founded in 2016 by Sean Danby and Rob Quartly, Grief Stories has seen (quite the) amazing growth in the last 5 years. Initially, this was a small project to help Sean with the grief he experienced after his wife passed away. But the audience has grown. From a local following to a greater regional reach. Through their unique way of engaging participants to tell their story, Grief Stories has reached thousands of people, in the hopes of normalizing grief.


Resources on the website include over 400 films in 18 categories, 18 podcasts, 22 blog posts, as well as information about using music and writing for healing in grief and a place to post heartfelt memorials. Grief Stories combines content from lived experience with information provided by bereavement experts to provide grievers, those supporting grievers and professionals who deal with grief, resources that can help them further understand and relate their experiences.

Looking to the future, Grief Stories has many plans to continue to grow to have a national presence and create content that is diverse, insightful, supportive, and accessible.

With the advent of the charitable status, basic operation costs associated with the organization, which have been donated by the entirely volunteer team, can now be fundraised as part of campaigns. “This is exceptionally significant for the team at GS. It is going to enable some fiscal sustainability as we move forward creating more content and getting the word out about this virtual health resource,” explains Rob Quartly. “Our charity status is a reaffirmation of all the valuable work the GS team has been doing. I am so honoured to be working with this amazing group.” 

The volunteers involved with Grief Stories are comprised in two groups, the board of directors & the operations team. The groups work in parallel, one focused on production of content & its optimization and the other on sustainability and governance to ensure that Grief Stories can grow. “We’re really thankful for all of the volunteer support that Grief Stories has had over the last 5 years,” says co-founder Sean Danby. “We’re hoping with this status, we can expand our reach and take on some new projects that will explore new ways of reaching people who are experiencing grief.”

Grief Stories is participating in its first fundraising campaign for the month of June. From June 1st – June 30th, CanadaHelps is holding the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, where every $1 donated to Grief Stories is entered into a random draw to win $20,000. The donation form is available on the Grief Stories website.

For more information on how to participate, volunteer or donate towards Grief Stories, or to explore the stories, check out their website at You can also follow them on social media at:

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