“It’s very whimsical but the lyrical content, it’s pretty dark”

We called it ‘massage rock’ while we were in the studio”

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Cobourg-based musician Kate Boothman has recently released her second album, My Next Mistake. “I’m thrilled, and I love the record; I’m really proud of it,” says Boothman.

When talking about the difference between this new release and her debut album from 2017, I Am An Animal, she says, “I Am An Animal is a real rock and roll psych-party record, whereas My Next Mistake started as an accident. I wasn’t expecting to make a record; I wanted to exercise my songwriting a little bit.”

“I got in touch with my friend, Tom Darcy, a very talented producer and musician in his own right, to see if he wanted to write with me, and we got together three or four times and we wrote a bunch of songs,” continues Boothman.

“We just started recording,” Boothman adds, “and I had a handful of songs in my pocket, so I just add through those into the mix. We called it ‘massage rock’ while we were in the studio; rather than the big party that I Am An Animal is, it’s a pretty relaxing record about sex, drugs, rock and roll. There’s a lot of strings it’s very whimsical, but the lyrical content, it’s pretty dark.”

Screengrab from Kate’s website

Boothman adds, “It sort of leaves the rock and roll area. This record has actually quite a lot of composition on it, there’s like a lot of string arrangements; it’s very rich and dynamic.” Musicians Jimmy Bowskill and Drew Jurecka (who played strings on the Grammy-Winning Best Pop Vocal Album of 2021, Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia) contributed to the string arrangements; other musicians who worked with Boothman were Anna Ruddick, Graham Walsh, Adam Hindle, Gavin Brown, Kevin Hearn, Carleigh Aikins, and Steven Krecklo.

While Boothman is excited about releasing her new album, she also reflects on doing so during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s a little weird releasing it into a world where you can’t really go town to town and play your songs and get together with your band,” she says.

“I don’t know that I’m connecting with fans as well as I should be at the moment,” continues Boothman. “It’s beautiful and accessible to play concerts on Zoom and to do those things, but I really want to wait until I can get the entire band together and really do it in its entirety.”

“This pandemic has been the least productive and the most productive year of my life,” says Boothman. “As well as this record that I’m releasing now, I have released singles all throughout this pandemic, leading up to the record release. I’ve also written and recorded another record. Isolation is kind of a writer’s wheelhouse. Sometimes, the tricky part for me is just getting out.”

Part of getting out is playing concerts; her one and, so far, only concert for this year will be on June 26 at Headwaters Farm, just north of Cobourg; according to the Headwaters Farm website, the venue can accommodate 100 socially distanced concertgoers. For more information, visit headwatersfarm.ca/our-experiences/concerts.

Screengrab from Kate’s website

Boothman will be in the upcoming Spotlight Series 3 from the Art Gallery of Northumberland, and will be talking about her songwriting process and future plans, as well as playing some music. Because of pandemic restrictions, the normally live event will be presented in a video format and will be screened in locations across Northumberland with safe measures in place. For more information on Spotlight Series 3, you may visit the AGN’s web page, artgalleryofnorthumberland.com/spotlight-series-3.

For more information about Kate Boothman, her music, and her upcoming concerts, you may visit her website, kateboothman.com, and you may follow her on Facebook (@kate.boothman.7), Twitter (@KateBoothman), or Instagram at (@therealkateboothman).

My Next Mistake is available online through iTunes and Bandcamp, and locally through Zap Records in Cobourg.

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