Got to haul sand from the harbour entrance

Make it safe for boaters

Each year, a significant amount of silt and sediment is carried along the north shore of Lake Ontario by waves and currents and deposited at the mouth of the harbour and within the harbour itself. This sediment can accumulate in amounts that make safe navigation an issue for recreational boats as well as the coast guard vessel which is stationed in Cobourg Harbour each summer. In order to keep the harbour safe for navigation, the Town of Cobourg must perform annual maintenance dredging.

“Dredging operations are completed frequently to maintain the essential operation of our harbour,” said Julie Behan-Jones, Assistant Manager of Waterfront Operations for the Town of Cobourg. “Our staff continue to work hard to provide this essential service while complying with local health unit regulations, including physical distancing and increased sanitation.” 

This year the sediment will be re-deposited into Lake Ontario using a method known as side casting.

Side casting takes the sand that has settled in and around the harbour and places it back into the natural littoral flow of Lake Ontario, west of the harbour in the area of the west arm.

Dredging operations will continue for several weeks and there may be some parking area and roadway disruptions as well as a closure along the west arm just past the boat compound.

To ensure everyone’s safety residents are asked to be mindful of physical distancing guidelines. 

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