“Act as if you haven’t received it”

As of May 6, the eligible age for vaccination drops to 50 years

Article by Valerie MacDonald

In line with the provincial trend, as of May 3, 40% of people residing in the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit region — including Northumberland — have been vaccinated.

But don’t think you are out of the woods yet, the Health Unit’s Medical Officer of Health warns. “Act as if you haven’t received it,” Dr. Natalie Bocking said.

So even though you have been vaccinated and two weeks have passed, and have significant protection against getting seriously ill or hospitalized, you should still continue to wear masks, social distance plus wash/sanitize your hands frequently.

The MOH also said people should not go into other people’s homes or have them into yours.

All of this is necessary to deal with the third wave of the pandemic even as the baseline daily case count locally has been “10 or less” during the past three or four days compared to “30 to 40” cases in some weeks previously she said during this week’s Talk with the Doc session on YouTube.

Of the 56 unresolved cases in the health unit district as of May 3, 32 of them are in Northumberland County. Hospitalizations sit at 60 presently, and hopefully with the reduced number of cases that number will go down, the doctor said. Not all of those hospitalizations are in either the Cobourg or Campbellford hospitals.

During the past 14 days, the health unit has not been able to identify the source of 31% of new cases which confirms COVID-19 is being community spread. Of those new local cases, 18% are under the age of 20.

While local health unit staff, their partners, pharmacies, and primary health care providers have put 57,114 doses into arms – because of people traveling outside the area – 72,365 people who live in this health unit have received a first dose of a vaccine, she explained.

Double the vaccine supply anticipated is promised by mid-May and more in June, the MOH said. The results will be a ramping up of vaccination appointments at the six mass immunization clinics within the health unit which includes Cobourg and Trent Hills.

As of this Thursday, May 6, the eligible age for people able to book vaccine appointments will drop to 50 years of age. In addition, there are groups of people who because of their work or health conditions will be identified for earlier vaccinations. Both the health unit and provincial websites will identify these, she said.

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