Leaked MP’s Nudie Pic Shows We Really Are a Nation of Humourless Prudes

Article by Edna Farmer

OTTAWA—Well, what a kerfuffle! Last week Liberal MP Will Amos appeared buck-naked on-cam during Virtual Question Period, delivering the country’s bored pundits and politicos into full Puritanical delirium.

The scene began innocently enough. Mr. Amos arrived at his parliamentary perch late because it was more important that he go jogging than observe proper punctuality. He then scurried around his office in search of work attire, unaware that his camera feed was live and he was revealing to the punctual non-joggers in parliament his bare necessities.

Canadians are not a cruel people. So no one stooped so low as to comment on the geometry of his manhood or the obvious fact that he needs to do significantly more upper-body work, poor man. The Bloc Québécois whip remarked playfully that Amos might want to think about dressing before Zooming. A red-faced Amos apologized a few hours later, saying “it was an honest mistake and it won’t happen again.”

And that should have been the end of it. But no …

Somebody on the Zoom call took a grainy screenshot of Amos and shared it with some of his or her closest friends. Canadians are not cruel people. So the sender thoughtfully captured the precise moment when Amos’ unmentionables were concealed by his cell phone—you know, like a medieval fig leaf, to save both him and us from facing the naked truth.

And that should have been the end of it. But no …

The next thing you know, Liberal house leader Pablo Rodriguez got up on his hind legs and demanded that the House Speaker investigate the “leak,” as he put it. “I would like to say that the conduct of the person who took the screenshot is not only extremely unfortunate but it is mean-spirited and life-changing for one of our colleagues,” Rodriguez bleated. “Taking a photo of someone who is changing clothes and in the nude and sharing it without their consent could very well be criminal.”

And that should have been the end of it. But no …

Amos himself—very nearly forgotten in all the hubbub—decided he would chime back in to position himself as a victim. “It is most unfortunate that someone shared, without my consent, a photo in which I was changing my clothes,” he said. “This photo came from a video feed that only MPs or a very small number of staff had access to. No person deserves to suffer such harm.”

Well, if it’s genuine harm Mr. Amos is suffering—and frankly, I have my doubts—then he’s in the wrong line of work.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think tardy, naked, self-important MPs are the funniest thing to appear in parliament since Sheila Copps and John Crosbie.

When you expose yourself to parliamentarians, and they refuse to pretend not to notice, well, there’s no need to be a big crybaby about it. Eat a little humble pie, and that’ll be the end of it.

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