Steps to help seniors and persons with disabilities participate in municipal life

Focused on downtown core

The Town of Cobourg has received $60,000 to enhance accessibility within the downtown core ensuring all residents are able to safely access areas of business, parks and Victoria Hall.

This initiative is funded entirely by the Inclusive Communities Grant Program (ICGP) awarded by the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility.

The Inclusive Community Grants Program helps ensure local governments and community organizations consider Ontarians of all ages and abilities at every stage of community planning and development. Inclusive communities respond to both the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population by: 

 creating physical and social environments that support independent and active living 

 enabling older adults and people with disabilities to continue contributing to all aspects of community life 

The Inclusive Communities and Grants Program offers funding over two years for short and long-term projects that take place between February 2020 and March 2022 and will support 55 diverse community projects across Ontario to ensure people of all ages and abilities remain healthy and engaged. The Town of Cobourg completed the application in December 2020 and received notice of the success of the application from the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility in March 2021. “We are excited to create more universal accessibility for persons of all ages and abilities within the downtown core and will work hard to engage and educate residents along the way,” says Jamie Kramer, Accessibility Coordinator for the Town of Cobourg. “The Town of Cobourg is thankful for the opportunity to create more accessibility through the funding provided by the Ministry.” 

The Town of Cobourg will begin educating all residents, especially seniors and persons with disabilities, on how to engage and interact with the municipality through the public engagement tools that are currently being used, such as Engage Cobourg, as well as understanding other ways to reach residents. 

From here, the Town will work with its Accessibility Advisory Committee and Town staff to pilot the information into creating a public engagement process for accessibility in the downtown core to ensure that all persons are able to access and use the downtown including its many business areas, parks, and Victoria Hall. 

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