Grant opportunity 

Open for charities in Northumberland County

100+ Women Who Care Northumberland, a women’s philanthropy group, are inviting all charitable organizations registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to nominate themselves for their giving program, which grants four times a year. Eligible charities that provide programs and services in Northumberland can nominate themselves by filling out the application form on the group’s website. The women’s group does not support religious, discriminatory, lobbying or political activities. 

Once a charity has applied it will be added to the roster of eligible nominees. At each grant meeting, three charities are drawn to be considered for the next funding opportunity. Charities make their request with a five-minute verbal presentation. At the end of the meeting 100+ Women Northumberland donors vote for the charity that they would like to receive the grant. Charities remain in the nomination process until they are selected for a grant. Once awarded a grant, the charity is not eligible for support for two years. 

100+ Women Who Care Northumberland is inspired by an international model of giving. There are over 300 chapters across the world with approximately 50 groups in Canada. The Northumberland women’s giving circle has been operating since 2016 and has granted nearly $120,000 to local causes. This year is the first time the group is opening up applications to charities to nominate themselves without having to be nominated by a member. 

Charities interested in applying for a 100+ Women Northumberland grant can visit 

About 100+ Women Who Care Northumberland. 

100+ Women Northumberland is a community giving circle with a goal of bringing women together to leverage small, individual donations into larger, collective grants to invest in Northumberland-based charities. Our grants, since 2015, are generated by the donations made by 100+ Women donors. 100% of these gifts donated directly to a charity of choice, as selected by the members. Based on membership, a grant can be $5,000 or greater. 100+ Women, 100+ Kids and 100+ Guys Who Care Northumberland are coordinated by a local charity, Local Food for Local Good. 

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