Cobourg Police Service (CPS) Selective Traffic Enforcement Project (STEP) initiative has resumed for 2021 

Stop sign enforcement program

During the month of March 2021, CPS members focus on community education and enforcement, targeting stop sign violation in the Town of Cobourg.CPS will be looking for 100% compliance from all roadway users, including motorized vehicles and cyclists, to help keep drivers, passengers and pedestrians safe. 

Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act section 136 (1)(a), drivers are required to come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign. Penalties are as follows: 

• Three demerit points and a fine of $85. Fines increase to $150 in Community Safety Zones 

Drivers are reminded to come to a complete stop at all stop signs before proceeding or making a turn. Here are a few reminders for a controlled intersection where you face a stop sign: 

• Be alert, look carefully for pedestrians, cyclists, other motor vehicles 

• Come to a complete stop 

• Be sure to scan any sidewalks and paths/trails as well as the roadways. 

• Drive through the intersection only when the way is clear 

The Cobourg Police Service is determined to make our community roadways as safe as possible through enforcement and education. The Cobourg Police Service will be enhancing our traffic patrols for 2021 with the Select Traffic Enforcement Project (STEP). This project is being run throughout the year, focusing on a different road safety topic each month. 

For a refresher on safe and responsible driving, visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website. 

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