Hospital being asked to help out while dealing with local patients

Article by Valerie MacDonald

For the first time, Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) going to accept COVID-19 cases from the GTA even while it has a small number of local ones within its own walls.

Today (Tuesday, Feb. 3) NHH was also asked to accept a small number of inpatients (less than 5) from the Scarborough Health Network,” NHH spokesperson Jennifer Gillard told the News Now Network.

“These patient transfers are not yet complete but we expect they will arrive within the week as Scarborough works to manage high occupancy levels. It’s our understanding that other hospitals in our region have also been asked to assist,” Gillard said.

As to the local cases, she said they numbered less than five.

Like other hospitals, the NHH had been told “to prepare” to handle additional cases from other hospitals, Gillard said.

“As a community hospital, NHH regularly transfers patients to larger centres when specialized care is required that we do not offer here in Northumberland and, likewise, we expect that we may also be called upon to accept patient transfers from other areas, if appropriate.

Asked what will happen with local patients, Gillard explained that “while our first priority is to provide access to care to the best of our ability at the local level, we are also prepared to step up to meet the requests of the broader provincial system should that be required.”

Editor’s Note: An earlier post on the same day, based on hospital info, stated that there were no patients with COVID-related symptoms in the hospital. But conditions change rapidly in this environment, as this updated post proves.

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