120 kilometres are designated for snowmobiling, skiing and hiking

Article by Valerie MacDonald/image by Kelly Chernuk Kerezore

Complaints have prompted Northumberland County to take action to protect ski trails in its forest located on either side of County Road 45 north of Baltimore.

So – if you plan to use Northumberland County Forest trails make sure you choose the right trail for your activity.  If you don’t, you might meet David Hutnyk of K9ine Security.

“We were contracted initially for the motorized side of things,” Hutnyk said in an interview Monday who checked people coming into the Beagle Club Road trail entrance (located north of County Road 45) during the weekend. Those skiing were allowed to use the Beagle Club Road trails, otherwise, they were redirected to the other trails off County Road 45. They are: Carstairs Universal Trail, Morris, McDonald and Woodland Trails.

Hutnyk said they were kept on retainer through the hunting season and then called in again when the motorized vehicle prohibition dates came into place. Their most recent deployment is due to the major issue of hikers, dog walkers and mountain bikers damaging ski trails. The holes due to shoes and wheels in the trails “cause trouble” for skiers, he explained.

The Northumberland County web site states that Forest trails are “closed to ATVs and motorcycles from Nov. 1 to May 15.” Beagle Club trails can be used for skiing between Dec. 1 and March 31. There are fines for misusing designated trails in the Forest. 

Hutnyk also stressed that people should not be using the Scout Camp property on County Road 45 which is leased to the organization by the County, for sledding. There is a huge liability issue with this, and it is “private,” he said. 

Hutnyk said he will be back at the trails this coming weekend.

There are almost 120 kilometres of various kinds of trails in the county-owned forest for skiing, hiking and snowmobiling.

“It’s good to get the word out” about the rules, he said, thanking the News Now Network.

For more information go to https://www.northumberland.ca/en/discovering-and-exploring/county-forest-trails-and-recreation.aspx

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