Dangerously? Maddeningly? Endlessly?


The fact is we have been living under pandemic-induced house arrest. Our beepers of worry going off whenever we stray out of our safety zone.

Numbers have become an unfortunate part of our daily forecast. Number infected. Number admitted. Number dead.

We’ve been living with worry non-stop. About our health. Our families. Our community. About those we don’t even know on the front line.

We’ve spent more hours looking at our computers and tv screens than even the most generous national health guidelines would recommend.

This is the first time in the lives of many that normal seems like a really desirable state. A wonderful condition that includes carefree activities such as shopping without a mask, exercising at the gym, sitting in a crowded restaurant, laughing in a bar, getting a haircut, gathering with friends and family.

Living in Northumberland, we have been blessed. Even now, the number of infections is low compared to “hot” zones. Our local officials have acted quickly and responsibly. Hospitals, staff and healthcare personnel have been ready and able to respond. They have risen to the many challenges the pandemic has presented, including dealing with their own close exhaustion condition.

Recent numbers released by the local Health Unit indicate the virus is seeping into Northumberland more virulently. While frustration with the latest lockdown is understandable, now is not the time to stop being cautious. Stay calm. Carry on. Get your vaccine shot when it is available.

A time will come when seniors can leave their homes safely, when we can once again hug, when we can raise our glasses and smile while laughing in each other’s faces.

Without worry.

And the kids will be back in school. All day. Every day. Businesses will be open. Offices, hair salons, and gyms busy.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Help is on the way.

Have a good Christmas and think positively about the New Year.


Ted Amsden

Editor of Cobourg Now, Port Hope Now, Cramahe Now and Brighton Now

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