Garbage bag tags will go up 50 cents in March

Article by Valerie MacDonald

The projected $425,000 that the County receives from the sale of bag tags, coupled with deferring the hiring of additional human resources and reduced newspaper advertising among other items requested by councillors, will reduce the base tax levy of 1.8% suggested by staff to .94% for the 2021 budget.

Together with the dedicated infrastructure tax rate of .64%, the tax rate increase for next year will be 1.58%

The taxpayer whose home is assessed at $267,000 (the average) will pay $17.97 more in county taxes in 2021.

County’s finance director Glenn Dees delivered this information prior to council adopting the budget on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

Dees noted in his presentation, that uncontrollable expenses in the 2021 budget totalled an increase of 2.9%. He also said that based on 2020 figures, 2021 bag tag revenue is likely to be only 90% of 2020 revenue.

Regarding the cost of bag tags, Dees said retailers at present can add 10 % onto the county’s charge of $3.75, resulting in each costing $4.13 when bought at a corner store.

With the coming increase, and without any vendor handling fee, they will cost $4.25 each, the finance director said.

There is no surcharge if they are bought directly from Northumberland County.

As of May 2020, Northumberland residents can make online purchases. Presently, a block of ten costs $37.50, plus $2 for shipping and handling.

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