Bob Crate moves from Deputy Warden to Warden

Article by Valerie MacDonald

Northumberland Deputy Warden Bob Crate, Mayor of Trent Hills, was acclaimed Warden during Northumberland County Council’s meeting November 18.

Outgoing Warden Bob Sanderson, mayor of Port Hope, made the motion which was seconded by Hamilton Township Mayor Bill Cane.

Crate will be confirmed in his new position during the  December 16 council session, at which time the Deputy Warden position will be voted upon and later announced during the January 2021 meeting.

A new standing committee system is also being put in place in 2021 and the current seven councillors have informally indicated their preferences for membership and chairing. The committees include: Community Health; Corporate Support; Economic Development, Tourism & Planning; Finance & Audit; Public Works; and Social Services.

Cramahe Township Mayor Mandy Martin thanked Sanderson for his work doing this difficult year. “It hasn’t been the easiest cruise, she said of the way Sanderson has captained the county ship.

“It’s a team (job),”  the Sanderson replied.

Crate did not make comments at this time about 2021 but he is expected to when he officially receives the Chain of Office next month.


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