Grafton-based singer Jeremy Macklin is releasing the music video for his new single “Small Town Pride” on Friday, November 20.

Article by Bill Hornbostel/image supplied

Written in collaboration with the same team as his last single, Full Throttle – Jesse Slack, Rob Morden, and producer Adam Newcomb – Macklin says, “It’s the story of my life in a nutshell, my own personal life growing up in a small town.”

“My favourite line in the song is about stealing half-smoked cigarettes out of an ashtray, back in the day when we were young and couldn’t buy cigarettes,” says Macklin.

“The video itself we shot here my hometown, Grafton,” says Macklin.

The video, like the song, is a tribute to growing up in small-town Ontario. Macklin says, “It’ll show my passion for music, and start to show a bit of my personality.” He jokes, “I love jacked-up pick-up trucks, I’m addicted to them, and that’s why my video’s full of them.”

“There’s a lot of jacked-up trucks ripping through corn pasture at Huycke Farms in Castleton,” Macklin says. “I’d like to thank Huycke Farms for allowing us to shoot all the all the truck and 4×4 scenes.”

Macklin talks about the support he received from Alnwick-Haldimand township in making the video. “Mayor Gail Latchford and Troy Gilmour with the township helped coordinate me using the ball diamond in Grafton, and they organized putting the lights on for me and allowed the use of a scoreboard, so I certainly want to thank them,” says Macklin. “I’m very happy with the support I got in my hometown, it was incredible.”

“We got some nice lakeshore shots between Grafton and Wicklow in the video,” adds Macklin. “We use drone footage, a lot of cool, cool angles, cool views.”

There is another personal element to the video as well. “I’ve dedicated this music video to the loving memory of Grace Bowen,” Macklin says. “She was my best friend’s daughter, and she loved music more than anybody I’d ever seen on the planet.”

Bowen passed from cancer at the age of nine, but her courage inspired celebrities like actor Ryan Reynolds and hockey players Hayley Wickenheiser and Justin Williams, and annual Family Fun Days have been held in her honour in Grafton for the last several years.

“In the music video on the scoreboard, you’ll notice that the score is 23 for the home team and zero for the visitors,” Macklin says. “That 23 represents Grace’s number on her hockey jersey.”

Outside of the music video, Macklin talks about his experience in the music industry. “I just can’t believe how busy it is to be a music artist right now,” he says. “The amount of work and time, it’s like 90% business and only 10% creative!”

“I’m really, really proud of the writing team,” says Macklin. “I’m really proud of Adam Newcomb and Newcomb Studios for producing, mixing, mastering, and being also a co-writer. I mean, these guys are talented, they’re local and fantastic.”

“Small Town Pride” was released as a single last Friday on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon (on Spotify alone, his other singles have already had nearly 300,000 streams). The video will be released at 12:01 am on Friday on Macklin’s YouTube channel (link).

For more information on Jeremy Macklin, to stream his music, you can visit his new website,, or follow him on Facebook (@jeremymacklinmusic), Twitter (@jeremy_macklin), or Instagram (@jeremymacklinmusic).

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