The Wrapped in Courage Campaign is asking people to wear a purple product on November 25 — the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women

Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre (Cornerstone) invites the community to stand united with women, and their children, who have experienced abuse this November as the annual Wrapped In Courage Campaign returns. Despite COVID-19 the campaign will continue with new virtual aspects. Each November during Women Abuse Prevention Month Cornerstone calls on the community to purchase a Wrapped InCourage product to show women and their families who have experienced abuse that they do not stand alone.

Launching in 2013, the Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses (OAITH) began a new campaign to coincide with Women Abuse Prevention Month, to provide a symbol of the courage it takes for a woman to leave her abuser. But with the symbol came the statement that often courage alone is not enough.

“Whether it’s a friend, loved one, coworker or neighbour, we all know women who’ve suffered from men’s use of violence, harassment or control.  Sadly for women and children these men are closely known to them,” says Marlene Ham, Executive Director, OAITH. When we all know someone who has either survived or lost their life to gender-based violence, let that be the wake up call to do your part and be a part of the solution,Ham adds.

“It takes the strength of an entire community to end violence against women,” says Nancy Johnston, Executive Director of Cornerstone. “We are grateful for the tremendous support we receive across Northumberland County, but there is still much to be done. I am confident that,with the community’s support, we can create a violence free future and a place where hope can take root and grow,” adds Johnston.

Now more than ever, women’s safety is of the utmost importance. In the throes of a global pandemic, family violence can thrive as the conditions of COVID-19 create an opportunistic environment; job loss, increased financial strain, economic instability, increased stress, housing insecurity, sheltering in place with abusers, and the list goes on. We have seen this globally, nationally, and locally, and we cannot sit idle and watch the progress that has been made for women roll backward. We need to come together to forge ahead so women and children have the chance not only to survive, but to thrive.

Further to the significant courage and bravery it takes for a woman to choose to leave, ending family violence requires adequate supports for those impacted. In addition to providing a safe space to sleep, Cornerstone offers counselling, child-specific programming, safety planning, parenting workshops, outreach services, help finding housing, and prevention and awareness programming. Cornerstone also works to assist and advocate for women and their children in navigating legal systems, immigration services, social services, child protection services, health care, and more.

Cornerstone is more than just a bed. It is a place where women, children, and the community can turn when they are at their lowest point. When women and children impacted by violence feel isolated and alone, they can turn to Cornerstone to be heard, and supported into safety. However, it is making that first step through our doors, or picking up the phone that requires the most courage.

As a survivor of many years of abuse, I can now speak openly and hope my words of courage can bridge the gap for others and break the silence on violence,” says Cornerstone client Deb. “We all should be able to live free and safe of the devastating issue of family violence. There is hope and help for all who have been through, or are going through this, Deb adds.

Family violence is a community issue, which requires community solutions. This November the community can stand united with women, and their children, who have experienced abuse by purchasing a purple product to show women and their families who have experienced abuse that they do not stand alone. Proceeds from the products sold will help fund the vital programs and services Cornerstone provides.

Cornerstone will be selling, a limited number of purple scarves and ties, as well as mugs, blankets, toques and pet bandanas. On sale beginning November 2nd Cornerstone will be selling scarves ($20), ties ($20), pet bandanas ($15), toques ($20), Blankets ($25), Mugs ($10), or Blanket and Mug Bundles ($30).  Various products will also be available through Just Brew It!,Justin’s Pet Store, Nourish Boutique Spa, and The Local Bloom. Purchase a Courage product forCornerstone and wear it this winter. Every purchase counts when it comes to the safety and well-being of Ontario’s women and children.

Additionally, new this year, the community can participate from the convenience of their mobile phones. By texting the word ‘COURAGE’ to 41010 individuals can make a $5-$25 donation. Every dollar raised will be distributed to participating women’s shelters across the province, supporting everything from residential services to crisis lines, counselling and transitional support, services for children and youth including community based and school-based counselling, advocacy, general systems navigation, and support groups.

The Wrapped in Courage Campaign is calling on all people in Ontario to wear a purple product on November 25—the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women. Please join us in sending out a message of support for women and their children impacted by family violence.  To purchase a product please contact Janelle Eisler at 905-372-1545 ext. 237 or

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