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Restaurant and hotel open until October 23

Article by Valerie MacDonald

The Woodlawn Inn, a long-time restaurant and inn, could see new life as a Residential Treatment Facility if a proposed Zoning By-law amendment is approved.

Cobourg’s committee of the whole will deal with the request on Oct. 5 through a planning department report, according to the meeting agenda.

The report states that the new land use, to add into the existing District Commercial Zone on the address at 420 Division St., is to permit a residential treatment facility for persons with drug and/or alcohol addiction in the soon to be vacated Woodlawn Inn at 420 Division Street. The facility would have 18 rooms and host up to 40 persons plus support staff.”

The property had been for sale for quite sometime before its owners, the Dela Cassa family, issued a media release in late August that it had been sold. It stated that the family had operated the Woodlawn for “32 wonderful years in the hospitality business.”

It also stated at that time “barring any new government directives related to COVID-19, it is our intention to remain open for the next eight weeks, serving hotel, dining room and take-out clients, through Friday, October 23rd, 2020.”

Meantime Cobourg Council will determine what happens at the address after that.

“The Subject Lands are designated as Mixed Use Corridor in the Town of Cobourg Official Plan (2017) and District Commercial Exception 2 (DC-2) Zone in the Town of Cobourg’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 85-2003,” the town’s planning report states. “At present, the land use permissions for the subject facility permit various commercial and institutional uses but not a residential or commercial rehabilitation treatment facility. This specific land use is not currently defined in the Zoning By-law.”

The request for the amendment was made by Weston Consulting Inc. on behalf of the Canadian Centre for Addictions/399410, states the report.

A public open house is not required but council could decide in the community interest one could be held.

Editor’s Note: A fan of Cobourg Now wrote to us to say: “Hey Cobourg Now!  Thanks for covering this story.  Please note that a Public Meeting for a Zoning By Law Amendment is a statutory requirement so the public will have a chance to make submissions to and ask questions of staff and the project team.  The end of your article says that a public open house is not required but a Public Meeting by the Town is.”

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