Cobourg taxpayer organization celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Co-founded by local residents Lydia Smith and Paul Pagnuelo, the Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit corporation that advocates for municipal taxpayers.

Association President Dennis Nabieszko said the CTA’s primary goal continues to be maintaining a careful watch over Town expenses and projects, eliminating waste, and promoting back-to-basics in spending priorities. “We believe cutting waste and delivering mandatory and essential services can translate into a more accountable, affordable, and responsive government that provides the important services that matter to residents and businesses.”

Nabieszko said the organization is proud of its accomplishments despite the fact that it is a volunteer organization. The CTA researches and makes financial analyses when preparing for its statements on municipal affairs said Nabieszko.

Over the past five years, the CTA has regularly monitored, collected, researched, analyzed and reported information to the public, and made recommendations to Town Council and staff.

“Through presentations and delegations to Council, meeting with Councillors and helping individual residents and resident groups manoeuvre the corridors of Town Hall, the CTA has also worked with other citizen groups on their projects when they align with CTA objectives,” said Nabieszko.

It has composed a list of its successes, which have been posted to its website

They include the Close the Beach petition, Northumberland Medical Arts Inc., Lakefront Utilities Inc. rate intervention, annual budget submissions, Grants Policy improvements, and a proposal to increase Councillors salaries to name but a few. Other accomplishments can be found on the CTA web site.

Nabieszko welcomes the Town’s new CAO Tracey Vaughn and said he looks forward to a strong and collaborative relationship that will see the community prosper through a culture of public engagement and accountability.

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