Eco-spirituality at Villa St Joesph

Article by Valerie MacDonald

A new, short, overnight inter-faith course on eco-spirituality called “Village Earth Seasons” is beginning early next month at Villa St. Joseph Ecology and Spirituality Centre on Tremaine Street in Cobourg.

The pandemic has previously restricted such activities since the spring, and Sister Linda Gregg said the sessions will cover all four seasons individually focusing on “the wonder and wisdom of God” starting Oct. 3 & 4.

There is limited registration for each of the seasons starting with this fall, Sister Gregg said. Registration is now open by calling 905 372-2741 or going online to or

“We hope they (participants) have time to contemplate autumn and be atoned to it and see how it fits into our own lives,” the Sister said.

Sister Linda Gregg

“In each season we will observe the beauty of Earth in a contemplative spirit, learn the wisdoms embedded there, reflect on the call to the environmental conversion as expressed in Indigenous wisdoms and major faith traditions, and participate in practical organic gardening initiatives,” states the poster about the event.

“Both our facilitators hold doctorates in ecology and theology,” it also states. (They are Gregg and Mary Rowell.)

The other seasonal sessions are scheduled for Feb 6&7 for winter, may 8&9 for spring and June 19 & 20 for summer.

Each session costs $125 or $475 for all of them and this includes accommodations and meals plus all of the course content.

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