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Dominika Jamnicky continues to achieve success in athletics and education, but she’s always striving for more.

The 27-year-old Port Hope native and 2010 graduate of the former Cobourg District Collegiate Institute West is attending Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto to get her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She previously graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree.

Jamnicky is also accomplished in the triathlon, which requires athletes to be skilled in swimming, cycling and running. She has competed at multiple world championships and the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

As her career aspirations have come into focus, Jamnicky said she’s “still competing in triathlon, still going after that Olympic dream, but I’ve just decided to add in the schooling to help me along my way.” 

After graduating from the University of Guelph in 2015, Jamnicky opted to compete full-time in triathlon for a few years. Her love for that competition really began when her family moved from Australia to Port Hope in 2004 and she competed in a Cobourg triathlon event.

Jamnicky’s first big event, she recalled, was the Ontario Summer Games and a few years later the Canada Summer Games. As she progressed into higher competition, her first major milestone was being selected to compete at the Under-23 World Championships in 2012 in New Zealand.

“That was really the starting point of an international career and really showed me the possibilities to really grow as an athlete and compete at a high level,” Jamnicky remarked. 

Her best world-championship result came in 2015 in Chicago where she placed 12th.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games were certainly a career highlight for Jamnicky as they were held in her home country of Australia.

“That was something really special for me. I had a lot of family there supporting me,” she said. “I managed to finish 14th in the individual event there after getting sick a few weeks before the event. Above all else, it was really an honour to represent Canada at such a high level and I really hope in the future that I can continue on this path and represent Canada at the Olympic Games.”

Jamnicky was attempting to qualify for this year’s Olympics in Tokyo when everything was paused in March and the 2020 Summer Games were delayed until at least next summer. The qualification period would have ended in May.

“My mindset has just been to take the opportunities as they come and be patient, be ready, so whatever next year has in store for us I’ll try to prepare the best I can and really go after that Olympic spot,” Jamnicky said.

There could be two female berths for Canadians in the triathlon in Tokyo and Jamnicky estimates three or four competitors will be vying for those spots.

“It’s an honour to be in the running and I’ll definitely take a good crack at it and make the most of the opportunity,” she said.

Just prior to the shutdown, Jamnicky won a silver medal in Florida where she had planned to compete in a few races this past spring.

“It was one of the few races where I really feel like I was in control and in sort of a dominant position from start to finish,” she said. “It was really good to start the year out that way and get a good race in. If there’s any indication of that result, I’m hoping I can keep that momentum going and sort of continue on that path whenever racing is allowed for us.”

Jamnicky is based in Guelph with the occasional trip to Toronto for school. Most of the school work will be online, but there will still be some in-person learning as chiropractic studies require hands-on learning. 

She also runs the Guelph Development Squad, coaching younger athletes of all abilities in the triathlon.

“I want to provide as many opportunities to as many people as I can so I create the workouts in a way that each athlete can push themselves and challenge themselves in their own unique way,” she said.

Jamnicky said she’s been able to compete in a few events in Caledon this summer. She also competed in an open water swim race recently in Peterborough.

“Lots of nice little local events this summer and kudos to the race organizers who are able to make it happen and make it safely happen,” she said.

This Sunday, Sept. 13 in Caledon will see her compete in an unofficial pro national championships, which will feature a mix of long and shorter course athletes.

She’s also preparing to join the Markham Aquatic Club, which will help bring back some normalcy.

“It will be good to get back into my regular full training routine.”

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