(L-R) Third, David Piccini, fourth, Taryn Rennick, others not identified

There were 2, now there are 3

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) is in partnership with local Health Units and in turn with Community Health Centres that provide free routine dental care to low-income seniors. Through this program, and a partnership with the HKPR District Health Unit, the Community Health Centres of Northumberland  (CHCN) have received $244,000.

This funding has allowed the CHCN Dental Program to increase from two operatories to three, which will result in an increase in both hygiene as well as dental services for seniors.

MPP David Piccini: “We are pleased to have the Community Health Centres of Northumberland as a partner in delivering dental care to eligible seniors covered under the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program.”

Taryn Rennicks, Interim Executive Director: “We are very pleased that this expansion to our dental suite, along with the successful recruitment of additional dental staff will allow us to increase access to more eligible low-income seniors.  We know that many low-income seniors face challenges accessing regular dental care because they cannot afford it, which impacts their overall health and well-being. For those that access the OSDCP we will be able to provide necessary treatment in a timely fashion.”

Info: An”operatory” is defined as the working space of a surgeon or dentist.

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