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High winds cited as the culprit

Article by Valerie MacDonald: photos supplied

High winds are being attributed, in part, to the collapse of a portion of a major construction project near the intersection of Telephone Road and County Road 25, north of Colborne.

Part of the roof trusses came down Monday, and more on Saturday, at the TCO Agromart Limited building site, Cramahe Mayor Mandy Martin confirmed in an interview.

“We had very high winds here.”

Construction was completed in early spring on the production and storage building with work on the feed warehouse almost complete in March. The building that collapsed was going up north of the production/storage building.

“Obviously we will do what we can to support (this project). It is important to the community, Northumberland County and the broader community,” Martin said.

“It’s a major (agricultural) facility.”

The foundation and base had been inspected on the building but not the trusses because their installation wasn’t completed yet, she said. Inspections will continue as ordinarily scheduled.

The site was chosen in part because of the proximity to Highway 401.

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Before construction on the second building began

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